WF2015: Convergence in the Workplace

Convergence is a big issue in facilities management. As the discipline matures – solidifying its role, demonstrating its worth and proving its value – there are questions to be answered and challenges to be faced.

Increasingly, FM must work in concert with other organisational support disciplines: CRE, HR, IT, finance, marketing, procurement. The days of traditional silo working are numbered. Yet, there are some fundamental issues to be addressed:

• How are the relationships between these disciplines being defined and understood as FM, and the wider business context, continue to evolve?

• How are these disciplines being managed to ensure each is operating efficiently and effectively for the benefit of the organisation?

• Is there an optimum solution that each discipline, or the organisation as a whole, should be working towards?

For facilities management, the big areas of potential convergence are property, place and people. How FM relates to CRE and to the workplace, and how it attracts, retains and develops its people, are key considerations – and will be critical in shaping its future.

Workplace Futures 2015 took on the big issues here, bringing together a panel of carefully selected expert speakers and facilitating discussion around ‘the FM journey’ – specifically, how facilities management has evolved, how far convergence has already gone and how far it should go.

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