Workplace Futures has an outstanding track record. First launched in 2007, each year’s event has a different theme, with the programme carefully designed to focus closely on current and emerging issues at the time. We always aim to bring together some of the best speakers available to shed light, share information, and provide insights and advice that have real value. Read about past programmes here.

The theme for July is Return to the Workplace

We tackle the big challenges around getting back to some sort of ‘normal’. No one can say for sure precisely when people who shifted to home-working will be returning to the workplace, or what form that will take for individual organisations. But we do know it will take considerable amounts of careful thought, planning and strategy development. Our July event is being designed to deliver the clear, concise, usable information needed on a whole range of critical topics: health & safety responsibilities and obligations, work and the workplace, service design and delivery, people and their needs and expectations. As always, our programme will provide information, guidance and insights from a carefully selected expert panel of speakers. This event will be FREE to attend because we believe it is important for FMs to have all the information they need to ensure an effective response to the next challenge in a period that has been especially challenging to people, their companies and their communities.

Join our FREE event on Tuesday, 13th July 2021, to watch, listen, share, learn, participate and network: interact in a virtual platform.

Why not join us as a sponsor for the 2021 event? We can promise you plenty of pre-conference promotion opportunities together with strong interest and attendance on the day, plus a range of follow-up activities. To find out more about the possibilities, please get in touch.