Planning and managing for success

Tuesday, 13 July 2021

Getting back to normal – whatever form that takes for individual organisations – looks like being a growing trend. That means investigation, planning and strategy development all need to be underway in good time ahead of decision-making and action. But none of this is easy in a climate where the moving parts are still moving and the wider context is subject to more change.

Every organisation needs clearer, more concise, more usable information – the best available on those ‘moving parts’: health & safety responsibilities and obligations, work and the workplace, service design and delivery, people and their needs and expectations. This special free event was designed to cover all this and more, drawing on information, guidance and insights from a carefully selected expert panel of speakers.

FM has both the opportunity and the obligation to play a full, critical role in many of the vital decisions necessary to getting buildings back into operation in ways that make sense for the organisations involved. The same is true for the people involved, who need support and reassurance as the work landscape continues to change.

Whatever the strategy for individual organisations, facilities management overall can be the discipline known for its reliable and effective support for the new realities of work, pioneering in areas such as service quality, user experience, wellbeing and sustainability. In doing so, there is the opportunity to make a widely recognised mark as a truly value-adding discipline critical to business success. Our July event, with more than 800 booked-in delegates, provided much of the key information and insight necessary to success.

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