About Workplace Futures

First launched in 2007, each year’s event has a different theme, with the programme carefully designed to focus closely on current and emerging issues at the time. We always aim to bring together some of the best speakers available to shed light, share information, and provide insights and advice that have real value. Read about past programmes here.

About Workplace Futures

Workplace Futures 2024 – People & Technology

What is the most important issue in facilities management today?

Start a conversation like that anywhere in the FM industry and two subjects are guaranteed to be at the top of the list – people and technology.

FM is fundamentally a people business. We have moved steadily away from the early focus on buildings and physical assets. They are still vitally important, of course; but increasingly we have shifted our concern to that true critical asset – people. Our own people, those of our customers and those who live and work in the communities in which we operate. Spurred on by the impacts of the Covid period, trends that were already evident have moved up the agenda. Wellbeing, the workplace experience, sustainability in its broadest sense, along with the elements – and often requirements – of ESG performance.

This is an area that is critically important for FM, but equally so for HR and IT. FM can be a pioneer here, helping to build the collaboration so much in need - and this event will help to extend the dialogue.

We guarantee to challenge your perceptions and provide essential take-aways and plenty of valuable insights, all freely available to share with your colleagues.

Workplace Futures 2024 will explore the symbiotic relationship between people and technology in FM – a relationship that is becoming increasingly important day by day and one that, if we get it wrong, will result in substantial costs to service providers, their employees and their customers.

Workplace Futures 2024 will bring together a strong panel of speakers to offer valuable, knowledgeable, practical information and insights – from the big trends in the technology world, the commercial world and into FM, through current challenges and opportunities around both technology and people development, to case studies of implementation and successful outcomes.


Shaping the Future

We can’t predict the future, but we can make it happen in ways that work best for us.

That’s the point of Workplace Futures, the long-running annual facilities management conference.  Few events have a lifespan this long, especially without a change of name, let alone a change in ownership. I’m proud of the team that curates and facilitates this conference - it's the same team that launched it 16 years ago. Our aim was simple and is still the same today: challenge preconceptions and provide a platform for sharing information, ideas and solutions.  And that helps to give our delegates a competitive advantage...

  • Why Workplace Futures

    Each year’s Workplace Futures programme is carefully designed to focus closely on current and emerging issues in FM, bringing together some of the best speakers available to shed light and share information. Too many industry events do little more than scratch the surface or offer little more than thinly veiled sales presentations. You’ll get neither from Workplace Futures.

  • Why you should attend

    Workplace Futures is unique. Unlike most events in this industry which simply come and go, this conference builds each year on the success of previous years. Consequently, we have a strong and loyal following, combined with new and fresh interest in each new programme – each of which is designed to deliver real insights and practical advice drawn from frontline experience as well as focused research.

  • Who should attend

    The day is designed specifically for people responsible for FM actions and decisions, whether they are involved in communicating, marketing, selling, procuring or developing services - and, of course, those on the ground implementing and delivering those services, too. Basically, anyone with a genuine interest in the industry and its future.

  • An outstanding track record

    Workplace Futures was launched in 2007. In the years since, more than 260 speakers have offered experience, insights and advice to well over 4500 delegates. The conference theme changes each year to reflect current issues and trends: in the past we’ve looked at the convergence of disciplines and services, the business imperatives of people and profit, the commoditisation challenge, strategic partnerships and innovation. Find out more here. (http://workplace-futures.co.uk/past-conferences)









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