In 2012, the conference programme was shaped around some of the central challenges facing UK facilities management as it begins to reach some maturity.  

FM is a business discipline and a vast service industry. It is a simple service delivery requirement and a mission-critical support operation. Given that vast range, what does the future hold – more of the same? Or something quite different? Is FM ready to face up to the big challenges and define its own future?A carefully selected expert panel shared their own experiences, views and insights on a range of topics around this. Applying its unique triple focus on the current situation, emerging trends and future opportunities, the conference produced a series of calls for action across a range of issue areas – neatly summed up by the event chairman: “It’s a new environment now, and we have to move forward in response. We must embrace change and find ways to respond positively and effectively. If we can do that, the future is bright.”

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